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Customized Injection Moulding Products

Vishakha Industries with ground-breaking solutions in material handling, storage & transportation, Vishakha Industries stands tall among India’s leading companies that specialise in large injection moulding products. also provide roto moulding products.

Having a gamut of products in its portfolio, “Vishakha Industries” is the preferred choice of leading players in varied light and heavy industries like Fruits & Vegetabes, agriculture, food & Beverages,  chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, Retail , packaging , Supply chain logistic industry for solutions in material handling, storage and transportation. Vishakha Also providing customized solutions according our customer’s specific requirements.

We have India’s largest Injection Moulding Machine (3800 T) Shot Capacity: 54 KG in PS & 40 KG in PE/PP , Injection Moulding Machines from 220 T to 3800 & Blow Moulding machine .we can devlop new moulds according to customers specific design and depends upon the requirements . As successful packaging system must meet many challenges.vishakha provide the solution.


With our proven expertise and strong experience, we hold the ability to address a large set of challenging customer needs with our customised solutions. Our specialised team works closely in tandem with the customers to understand the specific needs of their industries, and creates unique configurations by managing all levels of development from start to end.

We can provide the tailor need solution industry like an Automotive Products

At Vishakha, we also have been providing reliable and effective solutions to the automotive industry. We hold special expertise in manufacturing large & intricate automobile components such as bumpers, fenders, dashboards & customised spares.

Like Automotive Parts

Tailor-Made Injection Moulded Automotive Products

Large & intricate Automobile Components such as Bumpers, Fenders, and Dashboards & Tailor made spares.

Please contact us for your specific requirements or need. Our experienced team work with you for provides the solutions.

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