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Quality at its best

High Quality Eco Friendly Plastic Products, Plastic Moulded Products

We are an ISO 9001:2000 company that is renowned for consistency in terms of quality of products. We ensure that quality is never compromised even for a fraction of a second. A state-of-the-art infrastructure, combined with an aptly efficient workforce, form the pillar of strength for the quality of our services.

Vishakha uses ONLY the best-in-class raw materials from renowned manufacturers. Vishakha continues to invest in and deploy the latest technology for creating superior products and as a consequence, it continues to enjoy the good will of an ever-growing list of customers

We work with a clear objective to improve our customers’ logistics chain with our highly qualified plastic products and systems. At Vishakha Industries, every product matches the prescribed standard and exceeds the quality expectation. A multi-face procedure of R&D adds to this, under which every phase is meticulously planned and precisely executed. And the best part is that an equal standard is maintained in producing every single unit of a product.

Vishakha is a name that stands for ‘Obsession to Quality’. But more importantly - Quality is a mindset that runs throughout the organization.

Environmentally-Friendly | 100% made from recyclable material – Eco Friendly material.

Vishakha knows the importance of environment. We manufacture Products Durable, reusable & recyclable hence making substantial savings to energy.