Plastic Material Handling Products – Plastic Crates, Plastic Bins, Plastic Pallets, Blow Moulded Articles

Vishakha Industries is one of the most reputed manufacturer and supplier of plastic material handling products, plastic material storage products, plastic material transportation products including plastic containers, HDPE crates, plastic pallets, multipurpose crates, plastic waste bins, injection moulded pallets, cold storage crates and bins, fruit storage bins and all types of plastic containers which can fulfill your material handling, material storage and material transportation needs. No matter what size or style you require, we can provide you with innovative and customized controlled atmosphere storage bins, rackable and stackable plastic pallets, fruit and vegetable crates, blow moulded plastic articles which are useful and aesthetically pleasing. The plastic storage products including big bins, plastic pallets, plastic crates supplied by us have enabled our customers to solve their material handling and material storing and transportation problems. Our company is equipped with most modern machinery and so we can provide extra large bins of nearly 666 litres’ capacity which have made businesses more productive and profitable by increasing material handling efficiency. We have excelled in manufacturing blow moulded articles like packaging jars and bottles for products like talc and shampoo available in 100ml to 5 liters capacity. Since 2006, we have been supplying material handling products and material storage products including injection moulded plastic pallets, plastic crates, roto moulded plastic pallets and roto moulded plastic products for fruits & vegetables, agriculture, food & beverages, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, retail and automotives.

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